Virtual Volunteer reviewer


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Book Reviewer Duties:

1) Submit Book Reviews through the Volunteer Book Review Form.

2) Keep track of hours earned.


Reviewing Guidelines:

1) Each book review will earn 1 hour of community service. You can submit up to 5 reviews per month.

2) The book you review must be accessible physically and/or digitally through our library.

3) It's okay to review a book that is already included in our review collection. Different readers have different perspectives!

4) Be honest! If you did not like the book, express that in your review. Someone who has similar reading tastes may see your review and choose a different book to read that they'll enjoy more.

5) Please make sure that the review is in your own words, without grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors.



Proof of service forms and letters must be requested by the volunteer, to their supervisor, well in advance of the due date. Forms can be completed, letters written, and certificates issued as proof of service if a Volunteer needs one for school/honor society/religious group. (This excludes court-mandated community service.)