Mount Pleasant Public Library: Board of Trustees Meeting
Minutes of the Special Meeting held on July 11, 2018

Trustees & Liaisons present: Larry Levine, Jorge Marmol, Mary Ann Quinn, Robert Huerster, Paulette Dimovski, Emil Muccin, Marcie Krauss, David Vinjamuri, Laurie Smalley, and Alice Paucker (newly appointed Village Trustee)

Also present: John Fearon, Library Director; Vivian Gufarotti, Assistant Library Director

Administrative: Trustee Muccin called the meeting to order at 7:25 PM

The minutes of the June 21, 2018 meeting were approved. Moved by Trustee Levine, seconded by Trustee Quinn, and passed.

After discussion, it was moved by Trustee Krauss, and seconded by Trustee Marmol, that:
a unanimous ballot be cast for this slate of officers:
 > Chair, Trustee Muccin
 > Vice Chair, Trustee Dimovski
 > Secretary, Trustee Huerster
201807-01 The motion passed.

Library Trustee Job Description
Trustees Muccin and Dimovski and Liaisons Vinjamuri and Smalley will meet to review job descriptions for Library Trustees.

Town Library Trustee Vacancy
Town Liaison Smalley said the Town is working on filling the vacancy for a Town Trustee.

Bylaws Review
Between now and the September meeting, these Trustees will meet to review the Board’s Bylaws: Trustees Paucker, Dimovski, Muccin, and Krauss

As part of their review and discussion, they will develop a protocol for visitors, including scheduling when they speak, for how long, and how the Board responds to any questions or suggestions from them.

Meeting Agendas
The Library Director and Board Chair will create agendas for future Board meetings.

Strategic Plan
The Library’s current strategic plan runs from 2016 through 2018. Trustees Quinn and Huerster will be on a committee to develop a new strategic plan. Their first meeting will be on July 12.

Library Planning and Design Presentation
Village Liaison Vinjamuri will give a presentation on library planning and design at the Mount Pleasant Public Library on Monday, 7/16/18.

Former Board Chairman James Calabro
The Board is deeply grateful to former Chairman James Calabro for his many years of dedicated service to the Library.

Trustee Krauss moved for adjournment at 8:26 p.m, seconded by Trustee Quinn.

Next regular meeting: Thursday, July 19, at 7:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Robert Huerster