Looking for your next great read or binge-worthy TV series?  The Librarians’ List is an exciting new approach to the display by the Circulation Desk. 

The Librarians’ List is a curated group of materials carefully selected by Mount Pleasant Librarians and recommended to you. About once every other month, we will display a list of titles (books, movies, music) on a particular topic or theme, and in various combinations, to showcase some of the gems in our collection. You may check out items right from the display or see the entire List on our website, where you can read descriptions and consult our catalog for availability. Takeaway bookmarks will be handy lists for future exploration and discovery.

We are having fun with this, we hope you are too. Let us know what you think. We love to talk about books, movies, and music. What are you reading?

Fairytales Grown Up

Fairytales Grown Up (October 2017)

Slip away into another world between Friday the 13th through Halloween. 

As the nights get long and the moon gets full, curl up with a great read that will satisfy your fantastic side. Revisit a childhood fairytale in a modern retelling or scare your socks off.  There is something for everyone: wicked witches, poison apples, ghosts, goblins, monsters, and alternative realms in a variety of genres: gothic, mystery, literary, romance, and horror, as well as classic tales. So check under the bed and get ready for a magical night.

For the full list of titles in this collection, please click here

For the Love of Books Poster

For the Love of Books (September 2017)

What better topic for our first Librarians’ List display than For the Love of Books? 

These great reads are books about books. In this group you will find books about the power of reading, thrillers about secret tomes and their messages, heartwarming stories about book clubs, novels where books are object of the plot, and narratives about the process of writing itself. Characters of historical fiction, thrillers, sci-fi, and literature; they’re readers, writers, librarians, collectors; they’re quirky, satiric, and humorous; they’re all there between the covers. 

 For the full list of titles in this collection, please click here